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DelaDap DelaDap – new album – March 2014
Welcome to „This Is DelaDap“!

Easily DelaDap´s most complete, fully realised album yet, it's songs rich with catchy refrains and irresistible rhythms, the sound powerful and clear, full of subtle details and suprising sonic joys.
Which is just about right, as „This Is DelaDap“ celebrates DelaDap's 10th anniversary.
Airtist Miooow coop. welcomes Airtist who create the most elementary dance music with the most ancient instruments. The three world-widely acknowledged musicians build an atmosphere that is uplifting, energetic and deeply rooted. The Jew's harp, didgeridoo and human beatbox trio brings real organic trance to the audience.
Cola & Jimmu (Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor) The team that brought you Säkhö/Puu Recordings Soul Makeover & Be It, that collaborated as well on the albums Keep Reachin' Up & Tortured Soul on Timmion Records by artists Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators, return with a new project. Artist name, Cola & Jimmu are Nicole Willis & Jimi Tenor, with a new LP titled Enigmatic.
Moonlight Breakfast Miooow welcomes the great & fresh band from Romania MOONLIGHT BREAKFAST to our roster!

It's that "retroelectro" sound and vibe, topped off with jazzy vocals, that will keep you grooving. A mix of soul, jazz, dance, electro and more, taking you through the 40's with their clarinet and Club Jordan to the 80's with their synths, while well anchored in the present by the clever production.  
Sofa Surfers New album SUPERLUMINAL out now!
Das Insekt des Jahres "Das Insekt des Jahres" is a raptorial insect nymph who catches flygirls and highbrow-intellectuals by using an amazing method. It builds beats in a sandy area, where people can´t leave anymore, when they are dancing to the loosely groove. And here "Das Insekt des Jahres" is waiting with his guitar and injects a paralyzing poison by singing, like the sirens in ancient Greece.
Jo Stance Jo Stance is a fresh project by upcoming Finnish vocalist Johanna Försti and drummer-producer Teppo "Teddy Rok" Mäkynen. Already their first single release "Hey Girl!" on Helsinki’s Ricky-Tick Records caught the ears of tastemakers like Brooklyn’s Daptone collective and California’s KCRW radio, and the debut LP released in late 2010 displayed a full array of music that’s vintage-savvy yet of-the-day, and brimming with unique energy.
The Grandmothers of Invention We are glad to present THE GRANDMOTHERS OF INVENTION exclusively for Europe.  
Soul Rebels Brass Band We welcome the Soul Rebels at our roster! Funkier than a James Brown bridge, the mighty Soul Rebels Brass Band possess that rare combination of serious chops, impeccable stagecraft and down-home soul, watch out for their live shows this Spring and Summer being one of the most explosive live acts on the scene.
Eric Fischer Miooow welcomes ERIC FISCHER (Danube Rave – Devoted Tunes).
Organizer and promoter of the legendary Danube Rave in Linz, GREENROOM Event 2007, FRIDAYS@NOVA since 1996.
John Pizzarelli We welcome John Pizzarelli to our roster. Check here for tourdates!
Rodney Hunter Miooow welcomes "Vienna Soundmachine"
Rodney Hunter !
Austro-American DJ / Producer Rodney Hunter is dead-on when he says that he's been "around the block" more than once. Known for unifying different genres from funk to electro, midtempo to house, dub to hip hop to his very own "Hunter sound",
The saga continues...
SAEDI Miooow welcomes with great pleasure SAEDI
(Tania Saedi/Markus Kienzl)!
Watch the livevideo to be convinced.
Joyce Muniz Check out the Joyce Muniz Remix of "Stereo MC's - Sunny Day" K7 records! Stereo Mc´s - Sunny Day (Joyce Muniz Remix) K7 Records 
Philipp Quehenberger Miooow welcomes Philipp Quehenberger!

Born in Innsbruck, grew up in Tyrol, Seattle and Newcastle. He discovered his love for electronic music in his father's studio and started playing the piano and fooling around with synthesizers. He played in local bands of various styles, ranging from Death-Metal to Rock. More...

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