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Booking Agent: Wolfgang Mitter
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Downbeat, Triphop, IDM, Neo-Soul, Bass Music, Dupstep, Jazz – that are all insufficient terms, if you want to describe the sound of Aramboa. The real essence of the musical style the austrian producer Moritz Scharf and voalist Elena Shirin want to create is the fusion of these characteristic elements. Energetic and complex beats build the foundation for hypnotic and expressiv harmonies of analogic and synthetic instruments, wich circulate around the subtile but still powerfull performance of the vocal tracks. In spite of sounding more electronic on the first studio-album, Aramboa`s Live-Performance is substantially driven by Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet and the acoustic colours of live-bassoon.

You might have heared some of their tracks under the name Black Lotus Experiment already, wich was the former name of this project. Even without releasing a record so far Aramboa already gained a big fanbase through several Live-shows,– over 1000 likes on facebook for a new viennese music project is a clear language, even though their sound pushes the boundaries of what we know as pop music.

So far Aramboa played at Waves Festival, Tallinn Music Week, Donaukanaltreiben, Fluc, Cafè Leopold, Grelle Forelle, Stadtwerkstadt Linz, WUK, Jazz:it, Arge Salzburg, Madhou5e Linz, Brimbamborium Festival in Munich and a lot more venues. One of their earlier releases as Black Lotus Experiments counts the track „YRSLF“, a freedownload on FatKidOnFire a london-based Bassmusic-Blog, wich quickly reached over 10 000 listeners. Now Aramboa has big plans with releasing a 10-Track-Album „Mereon Matrix“ on Slovakias Gergaz Records in April 2017.


Electronics, Gitarre: Moritz Scharf
Vocals: Elena Shirin
Keys, Trumpet: Lukas Moser
Bassoon: Andreas Stocker

Production: Moritz Scharf | Lyrics: Elena Shirin




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