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Moonlight Breakfast

Booking Agent: Wolfgang Mitter
Download: Press Sheet

That urban, rough but sophisticated mix of Electro, Beat, Nu-Jazz and Swing, that will keep you grooving. Bazooka’s music education and vast performing experience provided a unique perspective on music production. Their distinctive sound has managed to capture the attention of a broad and diverse audience and has pushed them into the spotlight on the international music scene.
They released their highly acclaimed second album „Time“ and it is exciting to see how they’ve managed to add quite a few ingredients to the mix and upgrade the sound that made them so original.
Their debut album release has received excellent reviews and top ratings from international music critics. It has created such a buzz in their home country,Romania, that the physical release is sold out.
Their first concert ever was for an audience of 35.000 people, opening for Jamiroquai. Awarded “Best Music Band” at the Elle Style Awards, they were named “best music act for export” by the music director of the top alternative radio station. They have spent the past 4 years performing throughout Europe and building up their constantly growing fan base.  They have a spectacular 3D video mapping show that complements their performance and they are talented multi-instrumentalists, so there is a lot going on on stage that you simply must see.

Moonlight Breakfast are:
Bazooka - producer, plays drums, keys, clarinet //
Christie - vocals, keys, sampler //
Adita - keys, guitar, sampler //
Dan- Visual Artist




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