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Shanti Roots

Booking Agent: Wolfgang Mitter
Download: Press Sheet

DJ Markus Dohelsky aka Shanti  Roots
Dj - Producer - Crowd mover

Markus Dohelsky aka Shanti Roots is since the beginning 90s a main part of the viennes electronic music scene. The first album “Subcodex” was released 1997 (EMI ) and combined dub downtempo & Drum n Bass in a smoove way. 2002 Shanti Roots changed to the Vienna Scientists recordlabel, where the international successfull 12” “Afrique” , a compact floor rocker, was released. Since then several remixes for labels like Sunshine Rec, Jubelee, Timewarp Music and trax for variouse compilations (Cocoone Rec/Silk, Ecco Chamber Rec/Black Coffee, Vienna Scientists, .) where released. The former productions where downtempo & groove & funky house. Since a few ys Shanti Roots changed the style and is now coming up with percussive techhouse, pumping dancefloor orientated basslines and a touch of driving minimal beats. DJ friendly cut, fit for the primetime and strikingly sophisticated. So are his livesets & DJ sets – many gigs in Austria, Germany, Swiss, Greek, Spain, Ibiza China, ... confirmed that. The sound is shooting directly to your sexy hips ! So beware ! Hot !




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