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Electronica, Bass Music, Techno, Neo-Soul, Jazz, IDM – that are all insufcient terms, if you want to describe the sound of Aramboa. The real essence of the musical style the vienna-based producer Moritz Scharf creates is the fusion of these characteristic elements.

Energetic and complex beats build the foundation for hypnotic and expressiv harmonies of synthetic instruments, a brass section and wild guitar-licks, wich sometimes circulate around the subtile but still powerfull performance of vocal tracks. Aramboa combines a heavy bassloaded club experience, punchy Drumkits and intergalactic synth-clouds with mesmerizing instrumental solos in order to create what one might call an high-end musical out of body experience.

Launching Aramboa as a dreamy experimental electronic Act with the frst Album ‚Mereon Matrix`, which you might want to experience in a concert-setting, in the middle of 2018 Aramboa`s music found its purpose in creating energetic dancefloor experiences all over the world. From groovy DJ Sets, to soul-full, instrumental driven live performances Aramboa is a deepdive into a feld where repetitive clubculture gets smashed by badass Jazzplayers.

Featured Musicians:
Moritz Scharf (Electronics, Guitar, Bass)
Max Rehrl (Trumpet, Trombone)
Vitus Denifl (Saxophone)
Anna Buchegger (Vocals)



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