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The continuation of Piazzolla,absolutely virtuous, crazy and fantastic

Celebrated as the new tango of Buenos Aires on the mostprestigious stages of the world, Astillero reflects the passion, rebellion andfury of a city devastated. From the Argentine crisis of 2001 surged thisexceptionally beautiful, sensual and yet rabid music that the BBC proclaimed as“The continuation of Piazzolla, absolutely virtuous, crazy and fantastic”.

The sound of Astillero is forceful, vertiginous,breathtaking, raw yet sophisticated: a rollercoaster ride of throbbing accentsmodulating into earthshattering pianissimos and beyond. Yet this wild sound isentirely hand-made, free of any gimmicks, 100% acoustic: the sound of just woodand strings, brought to searing life by an acute sense for translating theexperience of 21st century urban life into new music, built on a solidtraditional foundation of Buenos Aires’ tango.

The orchestra, though featuring the typical instruments of aclassic Tango ensemble (two bandoneons, violin, piano, cello, double bass) is atango formation that has nothing to do with the ‘tango’ of our collectiveconciousness. Astillero proposes a completely new vision of tango, incisive andintense, rough and violent, refecting the times we live in.

From their all-original instrumental compositions, emerges aTango that sounds as Buenos Aires sounds today. The way they play their musicreflects the incongruities and madness of this urban jungle; it kicks, breaks,hurts, jumps.

Alex Musatov / violin
Jaqueline Oroc / cello
Mariano Gonzalez Calo / Bandoneon
Diego Maniowicz / Bandoneon
Fererico Maiocchi / double bass
Julian Peralta / Piano

Style: Tango Nuevo, Classic, Worldmusic
Origin: Argentina
Based in: Argentina
Travel party: 6 Musicans



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