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Available in these lineups:
Jimi Tenor solo (electronic, jazz, analog live)
Jimi Tenor & Band ((Philophon Records, hooliganjazz, afro)
Jimi Tenor & Jori Hulkkonen play Nuntius ( showing the movie + live soundtrack)
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu ( 6piece band)

Jimi Tenor: “Aulos”, new album on Philophon to be released in October 2020

Jimi Tenor has made a second album with the Berlin based Philophon label. The title of the new album is “Aulos”.

Aulos is an organic piece made mostly with acoustic instruments. The core group on this album is the same as in Jimi Tenor’s previous album : Ekow Alabi Savage on drums, percussion and backing vocals, Max Weissenfeldt on drums and percussion and Jimi Tenor on flute, saxophone, keyboards and vocals.
The horn section on Aulos was stellar: Johannes Schleiermacher on baritone sax and flute and Johannes Böhmer on trumpet.
Aulos was produced and mixed by Max Weissenfeldt and like on the previous Jimi Tenor album the recording engineer was the legendary Benjamin Spitzmüller.

The Philophon studio is full of unusual instruments: vintage keyboards, strange string instruments, African drums, gamelan percussion. It’s a very inspiring place to make music for Jimi Tenor, who likes exotic sounds.

This album too many sessions and during 2019 Jimi was travelling back and forth from Helsinki to Berlin.  Jimi gets his ideas from walking around in the forest and picking mushrooms.  Forest is a complicated place and the new album reflects that complexity. Sometimes more is more!

Jimi Tenor will bring his big band to Hamburg Elbphilharmonie to celebrate the new album  “Aulos”. He will have an all star line-up on stage.
The band will play also Jimi Tenor classics , a variety of songs from different albums.



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