Kristian Davidek

Kristian Davidek

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Kristian Davidek (Radio FM4 / Austria)

"Make You Feel"

Hi! In my own words: I am a dj and tastemaker with my weekly dance music residency “FM4 Davidecks” on the nationwide Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and – encouragingly – with an audience which is feedbacking me from all over the world.

Danny Howard is currently championing some of my work in his show on BBC Radio 1 (Janefondas – French Love “Kristian Davidek’s Batucada Bratislava Remix”) which is kind of a biggie and will be part of my music offer as a dj this year alongside fast beats and breaks, nasty synth basslines and dark vibes. When I dj I am all over the place raving and misbehaving and sometimes I play percussion to add a little extra rhythm.

House, Brazil, Techno and Breakbeats will always be a part of my set and I might throw in very modern disco, too. Elkka, Anz, yuné pinku, LP Giobbi, salute or Nia Archives are just a few contemporary favorits and dj wise I am a huge fan of Honey Dijon, Avalon Emerson, Octo Octa or Gerd Janson. Don’t know all the names? You will love them after my set.

“Make You Feel” is both slogan of my show and guideline of my musical work, be it in a club, at the infamous Fusion Festival in Germany, the yearly and brilliant Impulstanz in Vienna or the amazing Lighthouse Festival in Croatia. I had the privilege to play beautiful venues with rewarding crowds but one thing is for sure: I am always most enthusiastic about the next gig because it is going to be the best one.

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