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When Saedi goes on stage, the rowdy crowd subsides.

Pure intimacy

Tania Saedi could be Austria’s “Next Big Thing”. In fact, she probably already is, since no else can mesmerize an audience like she does.

It was late February. A woman with a Persian air and Viennese slang went on stage for a singer/songwriter night at the Klub Ost. She has only a guitarist, her breathtaking voice, her charm, and her fantastic songs with her. It isn’t often that a rowdy Friday-night crowd suddenly quiets like this, becoming fully absorbed by the serene and steady show on the stage. Not even Clara Blume, the evening’s presenter and herself a talented Austrian vocalist, could contain her enthusiasm, speaking at the end of the night only of the “goddess” named Saedi. Instead of sardonic laughter at this choice of words, the reaction from the audience was something every musician dreams of: agreement, emotion, and absolute fascination – in the form of applause and hearty cheers.

Like No Other
Tania Saedi is a person that has been missing in the Austrian music scene: a woman, not a girl from next door. A personality with talent and the perfect feeling for how to use it. A voice that is brilliant, but not overbearing or pretentious. Markus Kienzl of the Sofa Surfers joined her for the production of this album.

The Album
Exhale is a comprehensive album, meandering amongst electronic sounds and mystical piano with pure vocals. Saedi starts with somber tones and strong bass lines in her song “Someone I’m Not”. Sofa Surfer fans will immediately recognize the Kienzl influence. There are also ironic and sarcastic numbers like “Beauty”, a song about the “beauty” of streetwalkers on the L-Street (the Linzerstraße) that reveals the Persian influences in Saedi’s voice. The very minimalized “Who Can Be Real”, which impresses most through its intimate text and wonderfully classic vocal arrangement, is another highlight. “Fool” almost guarantees goose bumps, its spoken intro reminiscent of a poem with a musical underscore, the vocal lines emphasized by original beats and ambient sounds. This combination, Tania Saedi and Markus Kienzl, is worth gold. Their work is excellently produced, capable of causing a furor in the international independent scene, and above all, it is truly something special for music lovers who like to pay attention to detail.



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