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Wolfgang Mitter

Miooow coop. was founded in 1995 and dedicates it`s work to the booking, management and promotion for bands and solo artists from various styles.
All Miooow acts can be labeled under „Art Pop“. Artists with a unique, creative and artistic approach accompanied by some degree of „pop appeal“.

Wolfgang Mitter finished his studies at the Vienna University for Business Economics in the mid 80ies. Afterwards he started, together with friends from University, a self-governing company dealing with antique furniture, lamps and books.
In 1995 he decided to make a profession out of his passion for music.
Ever since he has been surfing on all ups & downs of contemporary music business.
Music Is One Of Our Weapons

+43 676 517 3495

Christian Kemmler

Christian worked for many years as marketing manager for Austria´s finest alternative radio station FM4 where he also accounted for the event-related artist booking.

In 2002 he founded and still manages an agency for innovative brand- and culture communication, specialised in the fashion-, sports- and lifestyle market, taking care of clients such as Nike, Levi’s, diverse snowboard and skiing brands and many others.

Christian has been engaged in Miooow for many years now, primarily focusing on the various forms of electronic music and hip hop.

+43 676 645 7070

Antonia Gruber

Antonia joined Miooow in 2007. Music has always been her biggest passion and she also worked for many years as a DJane and promoter.

She founded Viennas' biggest Varieté night, the "Cirque Rouge" in 2010, started her own fashion label and works as a photographer. She not only focuses on live bands, but also on Varieté shows with live music. Futhermore she works for the Austrian promoter "Liveblood Passion Entertainment".

+43 650 213 1777

Elisabeth (Lisi) Morth

Elisabeth (Lisi) already was a member of the Miooow Music Agency family back in 2013 as an assistant to Isabelle Pfeifer, who Lisi followed later to Bella Concerts, where she proved herself as a skilled booker for upcoming artists.

2020 marks Lisi’s return to Miooow, bringing with her 7 years of professional experience in being the responsible EU booker for artists like Adam Ben Ezra, Alfredo Rodriguez, Azymuth, Ben Williams & Soundeffect, Cyrille Aimée, Lakecia Benjamin & Soul Squad, Marcos Valle, James Carter, Joey DeFrancesco, Rebekka Bakken, Tia Fuller Quartet and many others.

Lisi graduated from the University of Vienna with a master in popular cultural production.

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